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Quarter Grades and Exams

Each High School class evaluates the student with a semester final exam as a percentage of the student’s semester grade. Students will be notified of the exam schedule two weeks prior to the end of the quarter.

All students are required to attend final exams; and finals may not be taken anytime before or after the officially scheduled dates. Final exams cover the materials given throughout the semester and will last no longer than two hours. High School quarter grades are calculated as follows:1

At the end of each Quarter, the grade will be worth:

  • 20%                          Classwork and attendance
  • 20%                          Homework
  • 20%                           Quizzes
  • 20%                           Project
  • 20%                          Quarter Exam (Will be given by the teachers)

Approximately four quizzes and one main test should be administered during each quarter for any subject, other than the quarterly exams.

Teachers will coordinate and limit tests so that no more than two subjects per day are tested. This includes quarterly exams. Tests will be at the same time as their scheduled lessons period, quarterly exams and review dates will be announced a week prior to the exams.

Final grade at the end of the year will be taken from the average of the four quarters percentage.


A student got 98 (A+) in the first quarter, 95 (A) in the second, 88 (B+) in the third and 97 (A+) in the fourth quarter.

The final grade will be as follows: 98 + 95 + 88 + 97 = 378.

378 ÷ 4 = 94.5

So the final grade is 94.5 which is A


  • If the digit after the decimal point is less than 5, the number will be rounded down. E.g. 95.4 = 95
  • If the digit after the decimal point is greater than 5, the number will be rounded up. E.g. 95.6 = 96
  • If the digit after the decimal point is 5, the number will remain as it is.

E.g. 95.5 = 95.5

Absence from tests/quizzes

A student who is absent from a test or quiz for any reason will receive a grade of (I) Incomplete for the test/quiz. Upon completion of the MAKE-UP Test/Quiz the grade will be changed. It is not permitted to take a test before the scheduled date for any reason.