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At EMS, it is our belief that home-school communication is an integral part of student success. We believe the process of communication should be mutual to keep an open gateway between school and family. We use several methods to inform our student families about events, and we also allow various opportunities for parents and teachers to inform one another about their child’s progress. Listed below are some of the approaches used by our staff to keep parents informed about events, meetings, and general information

The faculty of EMS meets approximately once per month to discuss the needs of the school. In addition, there are several committees that meet monthly, addressing issues related to Finance, Policy, Education, Quality Management, and Facilities.

At least once per academic term, a conference will be scheduled for you to have the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher. This is an opportunity for you to find out how your child is progressing in all areas of his/her education.

In case a parent needs to have a teacher and or admin meeting, 48 hours notification should be given to the school administration. Parents are requested upon their visit to school to make sure to show their ID card to school security for safety reasons.

Generally, the school recognizes that the education of each student is a responsibility shared by the school and the student’s family. EMS endorses the parental and encourages the regular participation by parents of all children including those eligible programs. In keeping with these beliefs, it is the intention of the EMS to facilitate strong schoolfamily relationships, including welcoming school environments and effective twoway communication with families.

The EMS PTA promotes parent involvement. We are a non-profit organization that benefits Barnard students. The PTA typically holds four open meetings per year and monthly coffee chats. We invite everyone to participate; voice their opinions, concerns, and ideas to us; and join in the fun volunteering opportunities that make our events and programs happen on a year-round basis. Our Leadership Team members are available and interested to meet and communicate with parents throughout the year.

Teachers and administrators can be reached by telephone on school days between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Due to their teaching expectations, teachers may not be able to take a phone call during school hours, but a message can be left with the receptionist or the administrative secretaries.

In addition to phone calls, you may receive SMS messages on your mobile from EMS regarding any important news and events. Please make sure we have your current mobile number so we may contact you.

The EMS website contains services and activities sections that inform the community about current meetings, programs, performances, or student events that may be of interest to parents. General information is posted annually and updated as needed; parents can access the policy manual, the Student/Parent Handbook, graduation requirements by clicking on the Parent Link in the site menu.

Parents can also e-mail all teachers through by acquiring the e-mail address through the administrative offices.

Online social media such as Facebook can also be used to generate a communication gateway between teachers and students. The EMS Facebook page is accessible by all, and there is a specific page regarding the needs of each user. Students may access to keep updated with current school events.

Any complaints or issues with our staff can be addressed by contacting the administrative body by any of the above mentioned communication methods. These issues will be presented to the appropriate section of our school and will be dealt with in a professional and respectable manner. Regarding complaints and issues that need to be brought before Mrs. Inas El-Shafei, kindly schedule an appointment with the administrative secretary and your issue will be handled as soon as possible and with the utmost respect.

Quickschools is a school management Internet based system. This system facilitates the communication between staff, students and parents.

By receiving an invitation from the school system via e-mail, the students and parents can track the academic performance, homework assignments, discipline and medical reports, school announcements and can discuss topics with their teachers.