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School Nurse

A registered nurse is available at school throughout the school day. Matters pertaining to student health should be directed to the school nurse. Students should visit the nurse only if there is a true medical need. The nurse’s office is not a place to be resting during the school day. Students must obtain a pass before reporting to the nurse’s office.

For safety and security, student location must be known at all times. Stopping by the nurse’s office without a pass or using the nurse, as an excuse for not being where you are supposed to be is not acceptable behavior.

Please use good parental judgment when sending your child to school if they have a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or other illness. Keep them home if necessary rather than sending them to school.

All prescribed medication is to be checked in with the Nurse’s Office. Medication may be administered at school with a doctor’s signed authorization, prior a medication consent form sent to school from a parent/legal guardian and under the supervision of the school nurse.

Misuse and/or possession of prescribed drugs is also considered an act subject to disciplinary action.