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Orientation and Occupational Classes

Orientation and Occupational Services are available onsite at EMS by Psychologists. A psychologist uses his/her expertise to help children be prepared for and perform school-related activities. In the school setting, occupational and orientation therapy supports academic outcomes (e.g., math, reading, and writing), non-academic outcomes (e.g., social skills and self-help skills), and extracurricular activities (e.g., recess and participation in sports). A psychologist is skilled in facilitating access to curricular and extra-curricular activities for all students through supports, design planning and other methods.

Orientation and Occupational Classes addresses performance skills (e.g., motor, process, and communication/interaction), performance patterns (e.g., habits, routines, and roles), performance contexts (e.g., cultural, physical, and social), activity demands, and student factors (e.g., body functions and structures). The psychologist employs strategies, adaptations, modifications, and/or assistive technology to reduce barriers that limit student participation and increase success throughout the school day.