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Academic Honesty Policy


The purpose of the academic honesty policy is to enable EMS to promote academic integrity, to encourage students to honor education, and to take a consistent and equitable approach to academic honesty amongst staff and students.


Plagiarism: A piece of writing or other work reflecting such unauthorized use or imitation act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author’s work.

Duplication: A copy exactly like an original. Anything corresponding in all respects to something else. Copying from any source such as the Internet or from someone else’s work.

Theft: The act of stealing; the wrongful taking of another’s property.

Cheating: Cheating is defined as dishonestly seeking or providing information during exams or assignments.

Collusion: A secret agreement, especially for fraudulent or treacherous purposes. A secret understanding between two or more persons to gain an unfair advantage.

Lying: The telling of lies, or false statements; untruthfulness.

Sabotage: Any underhand interference with production, or work.

Obstruction: Something that obstructs, blocks, or closes up with an obstacle. The act of deliberately preventing business.