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Students’ Life

Disciplinary Measures

Disciplinary penalties may be imposed depending on the degree of disobedience. It is up to the judgment of the administration if other punishments or a combination of punishments is necessary. Repeat offenders may expect more severe consequences.


Detention may range from a period of five minutes to one hour and is carried out under the supervision of a teacher. Detention can include breaks and/or lunch periods. Students will be given extra work to do during the detention.

Students who are constantly assigned detention will be required to have their parents attend a conference with the teacher. Furthermore, for any after-school detention contact must be made with parents before the student serves his/her punishment. In order to teach the student responsibility, he/she will be required to phone the parents from the school office.

Class Suspension

Teachers may suspend a student from class for behavior problems of a persistent nature or for a single incident of a more serious nature.

In-School Suspension

In-school suspension means the student is suspended from attending the classroom instead of out-of-school suspension. He/she is responsible to complete all work assignments made during the lessons. If a student does not complete the work or refuses to attend the suspension, they will be subject to out of school suspension.

School Suspension

Students are subject to suspension due to continuous display of misbehavior or a serious offense. Suspension from school may only be assigned by the administration. The student is asked to stay at home for a specified period of time. All work covered during this time should be completed by the student individually but no credit will be given for any work completed, including any tests.


A very serious offense may lead to a student being asked to leave the school. The student will not be allowed to re-apply for admission to EMS.