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Security guards are on duty at school gates during all school hours. They secure the campus by being able to identify all personnel, students, drivers, and families. They are at the gate at all times to verify the aim of each visitor’s visit and to see that each student is met by the correct driver.

All visitors to campus are required to report to the guard hut, and upon approval they will be asked to their national ID at the gate. Student or alumni visitors are not allowed on campus at any time during the school day unless they have specific school business to complete.

The natural parents or legal guardians must notify the administration in writing of any change in their child’s living arrangement, whether (s) he is living alone or with another designated guardian. It is important the administration office has accurate contact information for all families in the event of emergency or other needs to contact parents or guardians.

EMS is a closed campus. Students are not permitted to leave campus during the school day without parent and administrative approval. Students who leave campus without permission and without signing out will be subject to disciplinary action.

If parents or guardians will be unavailable (i.e. Out of town on business or vacation) a signed note must be provided, in advance, to the school office advising of the student’s residence (contact person, address, phone number) during the parent/guardian’s absence, the dates the parent/guardian will be out of town and a phone number where the parent/guardian can be reached in case of an emergency.

Students are advised not to bring money or valuables to school. The school will not assume responsibility for money or possessions lost or stolen at school. Lockers are available for each student to keep study materials and separate lockers are available in the PE Locker Rooms. Locker keys are issued for school lockers and students are expected to return them at the end of the year. If lost the student is liable to pay for the price of the lock itself.

Individuals driving to the school need to be aware of traffic regulations. Everyone should drive responsibly. Students who arrive in cars can be let out at the side gate. There is space for a car to pull over to the sidewalk so that students can exit on the sidewalk side. Cars cannot park around the main gate due to safety evacuation procedures. You are putting your own children and school personnel at risk by doing so.

There are two types of safety signals. Drills will be held intermittently throughout the instructional school year to ensure student and faculty awareness of procedures. They are as follows:

Fire Drill or Bomb Drill

Students, staff and faculty will hear a constant siren and then follow the building evacuation procedures distributed by the administration and posted in each classroom. In this drill, all members of the school are evacuated to their appropriate places within the basketball court. When the building is cleared an announcement will be made for all members to return to the classrooms.

Drop and Cover / Lock Down Drill

An announcement will be made directing all members to drop to the floor and take cover under desks and tables and other protective areas. All school members will be asked to stay away from windows. They will be notified when it is clear to proceed with the school day.