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School Dress Code

Good grooming and proper dress are a matter of mature taste and judgment. EMS students are expected to appear neat and clean. Proper dress is that which is acceptable to a majority of our community and is in good taste for school attendance.

Uniform dress is required of all students at EMS. The policy ensures that students are dressed neatly and appropriately when at school, or participating in school events during the school day. Teachers are expected to refuse to admit an inappropriately dressed student to class. The offending student should be sent to the office with a note.

The administration reserves the right to make final judgment on the acceptability of student attire.

Parents will be notified of any dress code violations and the student] may be issued appropriate clothing and billed accordingly or, the student may be sent home from school.

With the exception of shoes, all other parts of the EMS uniform are to be purchased from the Uniform Store. Any student arriving at school with non-uniform shirt, pants, or sweatshirts will be provided with the appropriate ones from the school store and the cost billed to the family. Students who are out of uniform and do not wish to be billed will be sent home and their absences will be recorded as unexcused.

Students are to black wear shoes that enclose the toes and surround the heel. Students are not permitted to wear rubber sandals (flip-flops, Crocs, slippers, or nighttime footwear), or to go barefoot.

Students must wear the EMS uniform trousers purchased from the school uniform store. This polo has the school logo on it and is required for all students. National School students wear beige trousers. American school students wear black trousers.

Blue jeans are not acceptable attire for EMS students.

Students must wear the EMS uniform shirt purchased from the school uniform store. This polo has the school logo on it and is required for all students.

Elementary (Junior) School students wear red polo shirts. Middle and High school students wear purple EMS polo shirts.

The school uniform store stocks the uniform sweaters branded with the EMS logo. American section students are required to wear their long-sleeve uniform polo under the school sweatshirt, while the national section is required to wear their shirt under the school sweater.

Students are expected to wear PE uniforms purchased from the Uniform Store when they have PE.

This is the case for both boys and girls. Students who are not in uniform will not be permitted to participate in PE that day and their lack of participation will be reflected in their grade.