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Students’ Life


  • Students and faculty are expected to ensure teaching and learning are the primary focus at EMS.
  • Students are responsible for their actions. This means they should understand they will be held accountable and will face consequences for inappropriate behavior.
  • It is understood that students, like adults, will make decisions and take actions at times that are inappropriate or unwise and that learning can take place from these actions.
  • Consequences for inappropriate behavior, as much as is practicable, will be consistent and cumulative.
  • While consistency is a key component when managing student behavior it is understood that each case is unique.
  • Management of student behavior is applicable during regular school hours or when students are associated in any way with EMS, such as traveling to or from school or when attending any school associated activity.
  • Our support, guidance, and concern for the learning of students does not stop at our school gates, nor does a student stop being a member of the EMS community when they leave campus. Students, who are engaged in unlawful activity, or acts of intimidation or physical violence, shall be subject to appropriate school disciplinary policy that pertains to on‐campus behavior. Fighting, bullying, cyber‐bullying or any such events that take place off campus and affect student relationships or productivity on campus are subject to consequences as outlined in the Code of Ethics.